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(573) 612-1315
Want To Build Your Own
55 Gallon Drum Smoker?

My NEW DIY Drum Smoker Kit Has Everything You Need 
To Build Your Own UDS Drum Smoker...
Without Searching For Parts Or Paying For Shipping!

Introducing The Super55 Drum Smoker Kit!

If you are wanting to build your own 55 Gallon drum smoker using a DIY Kit, you're in luck!
I've designed a Totally NEW DIY UDS Drum Smoker Kit with you in mind!

One Quick Thing Though...

I haven't actually launched it yet!

See you found this webpage before I launched the new kit or made it available to anyone!


If you enter your information below and click the submit button...
I'll tell you all the full details about it before anyone else on the internet!

True, I'll be teasing everyone else with social media posts and emails about it but they won't get to know all the dirt before you do!

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot...

Not only am I going to tell you all the dirty details about it first...
You'll get access to my secret Black Friday Sale WEEKS before Black Friday!

So, if you want to know all the details about my new Super55 DIY Drum Smoker Kit...
AND get access to my Black Friday Sale WAY before Everyone Else...

Fill in your details below and hit that submit button!

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